Schulman Realty LLC begins with Ami.

Ami F. Schulman is a seasoned professional with 30+ years in the Real Estate industry in New York City, specializing in the sale of residential properties in Manhattan.

Our experience sets us apart from the others.

“When I started, selling property in NYC was like working in the wild-west.  It was 1981 and interest rates were 17% (believe it), condos were NOT the preferred form of ownership,  and places like Soho, Noho and SoHa, didn’t exist!  We sales agents circled ads in the New York Times classified every Sunday, and kept our listings on note cards filed in shoe boxes or copied xerox’s hung on clip boards. There was no transparency of information and brokers generally did not co-broke with one another.  But I always kept to the same professional standard that I do now. Coming from a retail background I was taught the customer is always right. I installed a second land line (yes, we had them then)  in my studio apartment – so that I could be available after office hours 7 days a week for my sellers and buyers.”

Service. Means. Everything.

“In 1985,  I became THE very first designated West Side agent at a new young company,  Halstead Property.  I flourished there for 24 years as an Associate Broker Senior VP morphing with that agency, until 2009 when I ventured into a sole proprietorship as an independent Licensed Real Estate Broker and my own William B. May franchise.  During my 7 years as a franchisee I learned and absorbed business practices and techniques and made connections that allowed me to prosper as an independent broker and manager of agents.”

Manhattan is the best city on earth.

In November, 2015 Schulman Realty LLC was created. We are a boutique brokerage firm where Ami Schulman is the Principal Broker, and works as both an agent and a mentor.  She is Streeteasy Pro and Property Shark member.  Her office uses Real Plus and all of  the top respected brands of web search data systems in Manhattan and we continually strive to professionalize.

Schulman Realty LLC understands the ever changing requirements of the complete Real Estate transaction. With Ami at the helm using an honest, focused approach we have cultivated a customer/client base primarily through personal referrals to whom we give our full attention. Schulman Realty LLC is a Broker “A” Rebny member.

“After all this time I am so fortunate and still excited to be a part of the vibrant scene here in Manhattan and do business with Schulman Realty LLC. I am a broker’s Broker, a buyer’s advocate, a seller’s strength.  I feel inspired by my colleagues, clients and peers and I offer to others to follow me upward as well.”