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I was raised in White Plains, New York and  attended Boston University where I earned a BS in Communications.  From there I moved to Manhattan, bought a cooperative apartment or two, married and raised my children (now adults) while working as an Associate Broker. I still reside in NYC  with my dogs and am involved in Dog Rescue.

I have homes/properties in West Palm Beach and East Hampton (where I  have participated in notable transactions) . Over the years I’ve invested in numerous other properties throughout the city, Long Island and Florida and Los Angeles.

When I am not working I’m either at an exercise class, reading,  saving a dog through or immersing myself in seeing good movies (am a sponsor of Hamptons International Film Festival), theater and great television.

My family is of a high social profile and connected to all sorts of quality industries, including but not limited to Theater, Politics, Journalism, Sports, Television, Movies, Real Estate Development, Golf, Ballet, Art, Museums, etc.

I receive referrals through many sources and I treat each with the same focus and honesty that I would give to any customer or client. Whether they are a first time studio buyer or selling a triplex PH owned by a renowned celebrity. It all works for me, as I work for you !

I would like to pay particular homage to my late father, Lowell M. Schulman who taught me all that I know about business  and philanthropy.

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Featured Listings

168 East 74th Street Apt 5B, New York, NY 10021

151 East 20th Street Apt 3F, New York, NY 10003

151 East 20th Street Apt 4B, New York, NY 10003


A few of my transactions include:

25 Central Park West
41 Central Park West
50 Central Park West
80 Central Park West
91 Central Park West
115 Central Park West
145-146 Central Park West
211 Central Park West
225 Central Park West
230 Central Park West
239 Central Park West
241 Central Park West
257 Central Park West
275 Central Park West
262 Central Park West
320 Central Park West
372 Central Park West
382 Central Park West
392 Central Park West
400 Central Park West
1 West 64th Street
8 West 65th Street
10 West 66th Street
165 West 66th Street
303 West 66th Street
2 West 67th Street
130 West 67th Street
60 West 68th Street
104 West 70th Street
201 West 70th Street
12 West 72nd Street
15 West 72nd Street
201 West 72nd Street
102 West 75th Street
6-16 West 77th Street
101 West 79th Street
1 West 81st Street
7 West 81st Street
11 West 81st Street
15 West 81st Street
35 West 81st Street
51 West 81st Street
32 West 82nd Street
56 West 82nd Street
46 West 83rd Street
20 West 84th Street
36 West 84th Street
1 West 85th Street
110 West 86th Street
200 West 86th Street
257 West 86th Street
305 West 86th Street
328 West 86th Street
11 Riverside Drive
50 Riverside Drive
140 Riverside Drive,
186 Riverside Drive
310 Riverside Drive
325 Riverside Drive
200 West 109th Street
250 West 103rd Street
229 West 97th Street,
275 West 96th Street
140 West End Avenue
150 West End Avenue
160 West End Avenue
165 West End Avenue
170 West End Avenue
185 West End Avenue
205 West End Avenue
230 West End Avenue
290 West End Avenue
400 West End Avenue
450 West End Avenue
588 West End Avenue
760 West End Avenue
11 East 68th Street
3 East 69th Street
196 East 75th Street
168 East 74th Street
781 Fifth Avenue
795 Fifth Avenue
1025 Fifth Avenue
570 Park Avenue
750 Park Avenue
929 Park Avenue
515 East 72nd Street
225 East 76th Street
525 East 86th Street
80 East End Avenue

255 East 74th Street
200 East 72nd Street
301 East 79th Street
140 East 63rd Street
40 Sutton Place
400 East 56th Street
425 East 58th Street
300 North End Avenue
434 Greenwich Street
45 Christoper Street
2 Fifth Avenue
25 Fifth Avenue
148 West 23rd Street
151 East 20th Street
Buildings: 343 West 47th Street, 36 West 28th Street

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